Big & Rich relive the Vietnam War with their song, “8th Of November”. A Vietnam veteran, Niles Harris, was the inspiration of the song. The song’s inspiration was also the same man who gave Big Kenny his top hit. It is a tribute to their friend, Niles Harris, United States retired Army, who was one of the wounded soldiers that day. On the 8th of November 1965, the 173rd Airborne Brigade was in Vietnam on “Operation Hump” when over a thousand and two hundred Viet Cong fighters ambushed them. Forty-eight American soldiers were being killed in Combat medic, Lawrence Joel, received a Medal of Honor for saving many lives during the battle. Niles Harris was one of them.

How Ends Met

Big & Rich, a country music duo comprising Big Kenny and John Ric, first performed together in 1998. It was 2002 when they came across the idea of “8th of November”. Big & Rich were visiting Deadwood, South Dakota, searching for inspiration from the strong and significant city. One day they played at a saloon where Niles Harris tends bar. The parties shared stories together, and as they conversed with Niles, a beautiful song was born.

In 2005, the duo asked Niles’ input about going back to Vietnam for the first time since his last tour. The group went back to the same place of the war where many of Niles’ company lost their lives. They had with them a documentary team of Americans and Vietnamese. From there, Niles buried the boots he was wearing that fateful day inside a B52 bomb crater. Moreover, they were able to locate the spy that connected the Viet Cong team with the North Vietnamese army and revealed the location of American troops. The persuasively intense movie situates the debacles and realities of war.

“8th of November”, Song Facts

In 2006, Big & Rich released the  “8th of November” music video in June and its single in July.  Over that July 4, 2016 weekend, a later documentary titled “The 8th of November: A True American Story of Honor” was also released. It premiered on Great American Country television network. The documentary both featured the story of Niles Harris and the making of the music video for the single. The song became the duo’s seventh Top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, where it peaked at No. 18, in addition to reaching No. 94 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Truly, all the men did during the Vietnam War was lay down their lives for their fellowmen.

Watch the emotional video below, introduced by Kris Kristofferson.

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