January 26

Youthful 85-Year-Old Woman Dance to “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”


Youthful 85-Year-Old Woman Dance to “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” 1

Photo credit: Adam Lee Marcus / Facebook

A Wonder Woman at her Age

This happened when banjo player named Adam Lee Marcus visited a retirement home in Tiger, Georgia. The reason for his visit was to treat the residents to a lively bluegrass performance. During his visit, an eighty-five-year-old woman named Dorothy gave him a big smile on his face.

When Marcus played “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”, Dorothy just kicked her loafers then began dancing. She danced along with the beat and maintained focus on her jumps and fast footwork.

The second Dorothy heard the picking of “Foggy Mountain Breakdown,” she kicked off her black loafers and began to dance along to the bluegrass beat. She maintained pure focus on her dance moves, jumps, and fast footwork.

People were stunned and amazed by Dorothy’s performance. Moreover, we know that you will also agree that her spirit and her strength was amazing. As her performance continued, Dorothy wandered throughout the room, leaving no space untouched. furthermore, her stamina, for an eighty-five-year-old, was unbelievable as her dance gradually grew throughout her performance.

The Music

First recorded on December 11, 1949, “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” is a famous bluegrass beat. This music was originally written by Earl Scruggs and performed by The Foggy Mountain Boys. This music has been used as background music in the 1967 motion picture Bonnie and Clyde, especially in the car chase scenes. It has been used in a similar manner in many other films and television programs, particularly when depicting a pursuit scene in a rural setting. The 1949 recording features Scruggs playing a Gibson Granada five-string banjo.

As she wrapped up her performance, Dorothy bowed down and let out a thrilled “Woo!”. Her smiles completely brightened the room pride and excitement.

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