February 8

Bigger than Life is our “800 Pound Jesus”

We’re tiny creatures in a vast universe. Naturally, every loss feels like a gargantuan misery. And unless something greater comes, we’ll remain stuck in our hopeless states. Thankfully, we can always find more reasons to live in Christ. Once his Cause becomes ours, it will be more than we can handle. Hence, we’ll see setbacks as midgets compared to what we’ll receive in the near future.

Tangent aside, here’s a profound song with its meaningful video.

“800 Pound Jesus” by Sawyer Brown

What’s in the song?

Songwriter Paul Thorn said it was about a real statue of Jesus in his dad’s front yard. Surprisingly, it weathered many storms and remained upright in its position.

Going deeper though, we can easily relate to the meaning of the full song. Just as Jesus constantly helped the protagonist in the song, he also regularly aid us. We often make bad decisions (thanks to our free will), and thereby suffer tragic consequences. Always the good God who truly cares about our welfare, he intervenes when necessary. That doesn’t mean he’ll passively watch first then fix our mess after. Sometimes, he’ll knock our noggins. Case in point, we need to heed his instructions. It’s for our own good and growth anyway.

The Music Video

In case you didn’t know, the Jesus in the song’s music video was Paul Thorn. The storyline didn’t necessarily match the song lyrics, but it conveyed the same thought. That is, Jesus is way bigger than any of our present troubles. Heavier than 800 pounds, none of them can knock him off. And whether we believe in his existence or not, he’s the strength and courage that comes at times that we need them.

Bigger than Life is our “800 Pound Jesus” 1


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