September 25

7 Country Tunes to Accentuate Your Love for Fall and All Its Glory

Summer is officially over and we now welcome the chilly, leafy, melancholic, and yet comforting transition of fall. It’s the season of crunchy leaves filling backyards and sidewalks, wearing cute beanies, and sporting your trendiest coats and boots. Autumn also calls for a nice hot cup of hot chocolate and apple cider rum. But putting all the tasty, homey hot drinks, artsy falling leaves, and warm apparel aside, what better way to welcome the start of the Autumn season with some of your favorite Fall-themed country music?

7. The Boys of Fall by Kenny Chesney

This inspirational tune from Kenny Chesney signifies how there is also beauty in new beginnings no matter how cold and gloomy the fall breeze can be. With lyrics that tell the story of high school football games and the journey of ups and downs they go through with their fans, this song will make you want to cuddle up and have a marathon of your favorite football movies.

6. When the Work’s All Done This Fall by Marty Robbins

Marty Robbins’ take on a country tune for autumn manifests in the form of a sentimental and ultimately tragic narrative. The narrator, who happens to be a cowboy, shares his strong desire to go home to his brokenhearted mom. Unfortunately, on his way back home, he is met with a freak accident, and the audience is left with the cowboy’s ghost to finish the grisly tune.

5. Indian Summer by Brooks & Dunn

Your favorite country duo mashes together a picturesque image of autumn, a somber love story, and a football backdrop to create Indian Summer. The song serves as the perfect theme to a romance that was supposed to bloom but never really got anywhere because one of the people involved went away all of a sudden. It’s bittersweet but has a warmth to it that will leave listeners yearning for the happy ending that could have been for the song’s love story.

4. Harvest Time by Luke Bryan

To the farmers out there, autumn is not about sipping hot drinks or basking in the orange tint of dried up leaves. Rather, it’s the perfect season for harvesting. Luke Bryan knows that well and so he sings about the real-life experiences of people living in small-town farms. The country artist turns the spotlight to the field laborers and the farmers working their asses off to bring in the year’s harvest.

3. Chill of an Early Fall by George Strait

Staying true to the tragic and narrative trademark that most classic country songs have, George Strait’s Chill of an Early Fall represents the season of fall as an allusion to the narrator’s lover, who he assumes is cheating on him. Throughout the song’s lyrics, Strait implies that nothing stays the same—not even love or seasons.

2. Country Bumpkin by Cal Smith

Unlike the sad songs on this list, Country Bumpkin is a lighter happier tale of love in the countryside. It starts off with a boy-meets-girl stage of a country bumpkin couple, then progresses into their son’s birth, to the moment they breathe their final goodbyes. After 40 blissful and colorful years lived with the man of her life and their beautiful, “fresh as frost out on the pumpkin” son, the narrator finally bids “So long, country bumpkin” to her beloved.

1. Autumn’s Not that Cold by Lorrie Morgan

The lovely country siren Ms. Morgan teaches us through this song that there is, indeed, beauty in endings and goodbyes. While the song acknowledges the not-so-foreign themes of change and death that are often associated with the season of fall, Morgan suffices her melodic words with something to ponder on. The lyrics express that she is happy to have overcome the bitter and painful struggle of having to stop living without her beloved beside her for her to hold. “Guess I’m just not that lonesome. And autumn’s not that cold.”

Lorrie Morgan is right. Fall doesn’t always have to be chilly and filled with gloomy memories, especially when you’ve got a huge array of great country music to serenade your everyday with!


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