Here are 6 country gospel songs to help liven up our Christian spirits and our faith going as proud children of the Lord.

Gospel music is one of the many great ways to worship the Lord, renew and strengthen our faith, rejoice with our brothers and sisters in the Lord, and effectively spread the message of the Bible. It in itself is already a great treat for listeners but when paired with the styles of country music, it becomes even better.

Gospel songs and Christianity aren’t new to country music; it could be argued that it is one of the foundations of the music right next to folk songs.

6 Country Gospel Songs to Keep Our Faith Strong 11

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In every country music playlist, there is always one or two country gospel songs in the mix. This only shows that whether we know it or not, country gospel songs are a staple in every country fan’s list.

So here are 6 country gospel songs that can help keep the Christian soldier motivated. Check it out and see if you find something new or are reminded that these awesome songs exist.

This list is presented in no particular order; they are simply 6 country gospel songs that we love. Additionally, we are only featuring one song per artist, otherwise, this list would only compose of Alan Jackson hits and that is not what this list is about (maybe that is a list for next time).

6 Country Gospel Songs to Help Keep our Faith Strong

1. Alan Jackson – “Love Lifted Me”

There is no better way to start a list of country gospel songs. Alan Jackson is known for being a Christian country star and has given us many covers of classic hymns. Of all the hymns he has though why “Love Lifted Me?”

Simple, this hymn worships, rejoices, and explains why we were saved despite our sinful nature. Then add the rough and sultry voice of Alan Jackson and this hymn goes to a whole new level.

Reflect on the song’s message:

All my heart to Him I give
Ever to Him I’ll cling
In His blessed presence live
Ever His praises sing
Love so mighty and so true
Merits my soul’s best songs
Faithful, loving service too, to Him belongs

2. Brooks and Dunn – “Believe”

This is a song that shows how God can help anyone go through even the toughest of times. Of the many trials that we to go through in life, we always need to remember that our faith in God keeps us firm and strong.

This song speaks of Old Man Wrigley and how the song’s narrator ponders on how the old man is able to remain stable despite all that he had to go through and the old man simply says that it is because of God. This is a song that really gets us thinking and helps us appreciate God even more.

Lyrics To Reflect On:

Says he was in the war when in the navy
Lost his wife, lost his baby
Broke down and asked him one time
How ya keep from going crazy
He said I’ll see my wife and son in just a little while
I asked him what he meant
He looked at me and smiled, said
I raise my hands, bow my head
I’m finding more and more truth in the words written in red
They tell me that there’s more to life than just what I can see
Oh I believe

3. Brad Paisley and Sara Evans – “New Again”

This is a touching song that reminds us that despite us not being able to always accept what is happening, everything will be alright because Jesus will, and has, saved us.

This duet is a conversation between Jesus and Mary, where He comforts His mother as He died on the cross. It is a beautiful duet with a conversation that speaks of comfort which extends to us.

Lyrics To Reflect On:

Whatever happens…whatever you see…
Whatever your eyes tell you has become of me
This is not…
Not the end…
I am making all things new again

4. Rascal Flatts – “Bless The Broken Road”

This is a perfect song that describes the plans of God. Though we may not always see it at first, God knows everything and will always lead us to the best path.

When we finally reach our destination and look back and see that we are happy here, that is when we realize that God has indeed blessed the broken road that leads us here.

Lyrics To Reflect On:

I think about the years I spent just passing through
I’d like to have the time I lost and give it back to you
But you just smile and take my hand
You’ve been there you understand
It’s all part of a grander plan that is coming true

5. George Strait – “I Saw God Today”

This song speaks really well to parents, especially to first-time parents. This song describes how we are able to see God through the many wonders that He brings us, specifically in our children.

Seeing these wonders makes us feel blessed and reminds us that God is, in fact, there. He always is and always will be with us whether we realize it or not.

Lyrics To Reflect On:

Got my face pushed up against the nursery glass,
she’s sleeping like a rock,
my name on her wrist,
wearing tiny pink socks,
she’s got my nose,
she’s got her Mama’s eyes,
my bran new baby girl,
she’s a miracle,
I Saw God Today

6. Jamey Johnson – “I Remember You”

This song serves as the best reminder of all: we need to always remember the Lord, His deeds, His sufferings, and His message.

This song is really one that makes listeners sit back and reflect. The song’s message is very powerful and is a great reminder that Jesus is with us and saved us. We often forget about Jesus in our fast-paced lives but songs like these help us slow down and think about what matters most.

Lyrics To Reflect On:

I remember you, In the pages of a book
A lady read me once, In Sunday school
I remember you, I studied every word
And I hid it in my heart, Just like you told me to

Country music has always been able to easily reach their audience because of the relatable topics it has. Add that with Christian music and it effectively touches our souls and faith. This is the beauty of country gospel music, it reaches audiences easily and really makes them think.