May 22

This 5-Year-Old Girl’s Encouraging ‘You Raise Me Up’ Performance is All the Picker-Upper You’ll Need for the Week!

The beauty of music is that it has the power to move even those with the coldest of hearts, bring tears to an otherwise joyful occasion, and encompass deeper emotional and psychological dimensions through different interpretations of every song’s melody and lyrics. The beauty of music can be interpreted and delivered by people across different backgrounds. Singing bears no age limit, too! You can be a 14 year old girl and still be able to convey deeper shades of creative melodic expression as much as an 89-year-old woman can sing about the wonders of being youthful and carefree.

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One such music that has rolled over the tongues and vocal gifts of countless professional singers is Josh Groban’s You Raise Me Up. While Groban was not the original composer of the song, his version was the most popular. You Raise Me Up is an immensely moving song penned by Irish-Norwegian duo, Secret Garden. After it earned worldwide recognition in 2003, countless other covers of the song was released. In fact, it has been covered over 125 times. Westlife, Wesley Klein, and Daniel O’Donnell are just some of the artists who have injected their own musical touch to the famed musical piece from the Inspirational genre. But, to date, perhaps the purest rendition of the said song would be the one performed by Celine Tam, whose biggest break and winning moment happened while she was performing You Raise Me Up on the Let’s Sing Kids contest stage. Born November 22, 2007 and hailing from Hong Kong, this lovely little 5-Year-Old, dressed in a captivating pink dress complete with make-up that made her look like a sweet princess, stirred strong emotional domino effects with her one-of-a-kind angelic musical skills.


This 5-Year-Old Girl’s Encouraging ‘You Raise Me Up’ Performance is All the Picker-Upper You’ll Need for the Week! 1

It’s all thanks to her strict training which started when she was only 3 years old. Her father happens to be a music teacher and the owner of an academy dedicated to teaching students the art of singing. He was also a regular in singing competitions when he was still a kid. Being exposed to such wide array of techniques led Celine to develop a high level of discipline and control in her singing. It likewise helped build her confidence enough that she was able to win all competitions she joined—with Hong Kong Expo Singing Competition and China’s Got Talent, to name a few. To top it off, this immensely powerful songbird has performed at the coveted Broadway stage of New York, and even shared the stage with the Hong Kong Orchestra. Gaining such worldwide recognition for her impressive vocal prowess, the lovely little songstress was dubbed as Hong Kong’s Celine Dion.

Celine’s amazing musical background and performance does raise our motivational levels up. Every performance she does is just flaming hot with raw emotions and a deep-seated love for music. She is effectively teaching people—both kids her age and adults alike—that no dream is impossible to reach if you aim for it with the right attitude, persevere and douse your doubts with blazing passion.



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