April 23

4 Year Old Johnny Cash Sets Stage On Fire With “Ring of Fire”

4 Year Old Johnny Cash Sets Stage On Fire With "Ring of Fire" 1
The kid in Black sings “Ring of Fire” (Youtube)

Valor Yost, was a four year old boy when he proved himself not afraid of the intimidating crowd as he sing Johnny Cash’s classic song, “Ring of Fire.” In an unexpected instance, fame opened door for the talented kid when he insisted on bringing his pint-size guitar as his parents took him to see Cash’s impersonator, Shawn Baker. Valor was playing his guitar and confidently sang his rendition of  “Cry, Cry, Cry.” Incidentally, Weill Center, an artist manager, was passing through and overheard the boy. He then decided to set Valor to play for the opening act of that night’s event. With guts and great voice, he took the center stage and enjoyed every moment on it.

Meanwhile, watch Valor set the stage on fire with his performance below. After watching this video, why not take a flashback when you were four years old. What were you doing back then?

Ring of fire

The story behind this one depends on who you believe. The Carter-Cash family has always been icons in country music history. The creation of “Ring of Fire” came into place while June was driving along without any particular destination in her mind. She was confused about her relationship and feelings with Johnny Cash that night. Knowing the fact that he is a heartthrob, this would cause a lot of complications to them. But Carter was aware that she cannot resist Cash’s charms.

As one of the song line says, “There is no way to be in that kind of hell, no way to extinguish a flame that burns, burns, burns.”

Carter’s sister, Anita, first tried the song. And when Cash heard it, he immediately came to the idea of singing it with mariachi horns. His version became one of his biggest hits, that continues to recorded by other artists from different genre. Cash and Carter would marry four years after the creation of the song.


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