July 27

Celebrating 25 years of George Strait’s ‘Pure Country,’ The Trivia You Did not Know

Today, we are celebrating King George’s Pure Country a dramatic musical western film that jump-started George Strait and his try in acting.


George Strait in Pure Country

Pure Country, George Strait

There are a lot of back stories surrounding George Strait’s acting debut with Lesley Ann Warren, Isabel Glasser, and Kyle Chandler. Unfortunately, it was considered as a box office bomb, but, if you are a sucker as I am when it comes to George Strait and his music; we will concentrate on the successful part wherein Strait’s soundtrack of the same name was a critical success.

I guess you cannot just take away the music gift even if it’s blended with acting!

Subjectivity aside, I would say that George Strait was a convincing actor. Nevertheless, the events that happened behind the scenes might have changed the opinions of most critics.

Here are some fun facts about the film:

1. The voice of the little boy in the opening song is that of George Strait’s son, George “Bubba’ Strait Jr.

2. During the course of filming the crew members felt uncomfortable with George Strait doing his own stunts during the roping scene. Strait finally convinced them to let him do his own roping for that scene, as he is a real team roper and hosts his own team roping event every year in which he and his son compete.

3. There was a scene where Harley was supposed to punch Wyatt in the face. The first time the actors attempted it with the cameras rolling, Strait fell to the ground after she threw her punch and the director called “Cut”. Strait laughed and said, “I felt the wind on my nose on that one and I will never make you angry.”

4. George Strait tried to get the studio to change the name of this movie. He didn’t think that “Pure Country” actually fit the film, as he believed that it was more than just a “country” film. However, his wishes fell on deaf ears and the title stayed.

5. “The King of Broken Hearts” was actually written as a tribute to country singer George Jones, but the director felt it fit well into this film so he used it.

6. The film came about because of Elvis Presley’s manager, “Colonel” Tom Parker. When George Strait would perform in Las Vegas every year, Parker would go backstage and tell him that he should make movies. Strait didn’t take Parker’s advice until Parker contacted a friend, producer Jerry Weintraub, who also saw Strait’s potential as an actor. Weintraub called up Rex McGee (the film’s writer) and said he was making a movie with Strait and that McGee had to make sure of two things: Strait had to sing ten songs and he had to rope something.

7. The scenes where Dusty goes to the barber shop for his haircut and shave, and the cafe he eats at across the street afterward, were filmed in the small town of Maypearl, Texas. The barber shop was in fact (and still is to this present day), an insurance office, that the filmmakers designed the exterior to look like an actual barber shop with the words on the window, and a barber pole on the left-hand side. The cafe is now where the Maypearl Health and Fitness Center is, and at the time the movie was filmed, it was designed with an interior to look exactly like a cafe. The interior sets were destroyed after filming wrapped.

Meanwhile, George Strait also took to Facebook to encourage Facebook fans to watch his acting debut:

George Strait Facebook post



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