December 25

$22 Million Funding for Las Vegas Shooting Victims Falls Short

Monetary compensation was to be distributed to the victims and survivors of the tragic mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas in October. The funding, which amounts to $22 million, aims to aid the victims in paying for health care along with all the necessities they need to get through the tragedy that changed their lives. According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, the total amount was raised by the Las Vegas Fund Committee. But, despite the huge amount of money that was gathered by the committee, it proved to not be enough to provide for all the victims. As such, difficult choices had to be made in terms of deciding which of the victims are eligible for the said funding.

In the wake of the horrific Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting, a total of 58 innocent lives were taken while over 500 concert attendees were injured after the lone gunman, Stephen Paddock opened fire to the unsuspecting victims while he stood inside his room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Following the efforts to raise money for the victims, the committee established guidelines as well for a more orderly procedure once the funds were distributed.

Some of the victims’ lawyers took notice of the Paddock’s fortune, asking the Nevada court if the suspect’s money could be distributed without the lawsuit to the loved ones of those he killed and injured during his relentless assault. Authorities have not found nor discovered a will from Paddock, and his relatives believe that he did not prepare anything in preparation for his fortune. Although the Nevada law states that the suspect’s mother, Irene Hudson, 69 years old, is entitled to the estate, Eric Paddock, one of Stephen’s brothers, shared that the family agrees and consents to the suggestion that the money should be distributed to the victims.

Meanwhile, the committee’s chairman, Scott Nielson released a statement,

It is our desire to recognize and honor all of those whose lives have been forever altered as a result of the horrific events of October 1 and we recognize the incredible needs of those experiencing psychological trauma. The overwhelming number of victims prevents us from providing individual monetary payments to those suffering psychological trauma, though we are committed to identifying mental health services to assist this critical segment of the survivor population.”

It has been decided that the highest amount of compensation will be distributed to claims of individual deaths, along with victims whose injuries led them to suffer permanent brain damage and/or paralysis. Conditions that require continuous medical assistance and treatment at home are also among those regarded with high priority in the distribution of funds.

Next in line for the monetary support are individuals who acquired physical damage on or before October 10 and were hospitalized between Dec. 15 and the night of the mass shooting. Last but not the least, victims who were also injured and were given treatment on an outpatient basis or via emergency on or before October 10 are also entitled to the said financial support.

The committee will still be open to accepting donations for the victims until January. Click here to discover how you can send help to the victims.


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