February 26

1980 Flashback: ‘Coat of Many Colors’ Cover by The Judds


Nine years after Dolly Parton have further proven herself as a powerful female artist with ‘Coat of Many Colors’, The Judds, comprising mother Naomi and daughter Wynona, made their way to the scene. Naomi’s sweet, charming voice took lead most of the time, while Wynonna provided backup with her tough, deep tone.

The dynamic duo can be heard quite well in a long-forgotten clip that shows them singing “Coat of Many Colors.”

1980 Flashback: ‘Coat of Many Colors’ Cover by The Judds 1

Rare Footage of The Judds ‘Coat of Many Colors’ and a Back Story

The Judds debut on the Emery show took place February 11th, 1980. They earned twenty-five dollars a piece for each appearance. During one of their guest portions, the pair sang one of Dolly Parton’s most-loved songs, ‘Coat of Many Colors’.

A few years earlier, on Naomi’s 30th birthday, she had received a Parton album as a gift. After which, she and her 11-year-old daughter began learning the song. As they harmonized on it, Naomi saw her father in tears. Papa Judd, then told his daughter and granddaughters, that he, too, had a coat of many colors as a young child. A coat that had been hand-sewn by his mother from fragments of old clothes. 

This undated footage shows The Judds at the beginning stage of their career. Naomi stood in front with a guitar, while Wynonna stood a few steps behind her. After years of performing, The Judds finally signed to a record label in 1983. Together, the two won five Grammy Awards and recorded a host of hits, including “Why Not Me” and “Mama He’s Crazy.”

Certainly, the song means a lot of a great deal to The Judds. Their love for it shows through in their performance. As usual, Naomi was the one who sang the majority of the time. Her gentle voice moves smoothly through the words, instantly captivating all who watched her. The best part was the brief moment when Wynonna hopped in, to offer her vocals to the song. When their two voices meet on the chorus, the resulting sound is superb.

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