August 16

Johnny Cash and Musical Influence Come Back to Life in ‘American Legend’


Anyone who misses the Man in Black, Johnny Cash would now have a chance to see him sort of resurrected from death for two nights.
Johnny Cash in American Legend Tribute

American Legend: A Tribute to Johnny Cash’s Life

Many people have seen ‘Walk the Line’ in 2005 which is a retelling of the story of Johnny Cash and how he rose to fame but this time it’s a brand new day to celebrate Johnny Cash and his legacy as Sunny Mitchell Theatre Projects produced a Johnny Cash ensemble entitled, The American Legend: A Tribute to Johnny Cash’s Life in Song.

The said event would showcase Johnny Cash’s life for two nights and will be held at Historic Folsom Amphitheater stage this weekend, August 18-19. Sunny Mitchell, the producer of American legend said in Folsom Telegraph how the idea was conceived:

“His music told great stories, and I, as a choreographer, lean toward musical theatre because of the stories you can tell through dance.

While my dance concert has yet to be produced, I imagined all those songs I had compiled, that I felt really spoke about his life and decided we would certainly sing these incredible songs on stage. The performance will show Cash’s highs and lows, his successes and failures, which in all kept him going”

Mitchell also added that she incorporated songs and tune from other artists that played a bigger part in Johnny Cash’s life and musical influence:

“I also wanted folks to know about the incredible musicians that played with Johnny Cash; so there’s an Elvis tune, a Carl Perkins tune and several tunes made famous by the Statler Brothers. Something else that’s different that a typical tribute act wouldn’t have is that I’ve included a number of songs that were inspired by Vivian Cash, Johnny Cash’s first wife and the mother of his four daughters.”

Sunny Mitchell also established that majority of this tribute’s music will be coming from Johnny Cash’s Prison Folsom almbum.

You could book your tickets here:

When: August 18-19

Where: Folsom Historic Amphitheater; behind 200 Wool Street

Tickets: Book Your Tickets- Johnny Cash American Legend Tribute


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