August 3

Remember when Johnny Cash turned Taco Bell to Taco Cash?

1992 was such a fun time for advertisements especially when local fast foods such as Taco Bell, which taps the help of country artists to endorse their products and establishments. Johnny Cash was still a ferocious endorser during those days and it was indeed refreshing to watch this commercial he did for Taco Bell:



Taco Bell, Johnny Cash

When country artists or other influential singers are being asked by companies to star in their TV ads, they don’t just get them for their acting skills and say some ridiculous lines from the commercial script but they also ask them to sing or for most of the time, compose an original song for the advertisement. They also don’t just ask them for their appearance, they ask them for their influence over their fans, how most of them could lord them over to liking something they probably did not like in the first place.

Johnny Cash star in Taco Bell Commercial

Johnny Cash has definitely all of those qualities which I would say was a good move for Taco Bell to ask for his help.

It can be remembered that Johnny Cash starred in many famous TV commercials, you still probably remember him for his Amoco commercial. Chicago Tribune noted on their 1992 write up that after a decade of that commercial, consumers still link Johnny Cash to the oil company.

In this commercial, Johnny Cash is seen strumming his guitar while Taco Bell’s value meals are being flashed ranging from 59 to 99 cents. He then ends the jolly song by saying and reiterating it on a word play with his last name: “Where else can you get so many choices for just a little cash?”

Reportedly, Johnny Cash could have been gotten $500.00

Without a doubt, I would say that I wanted to go back to the 90’s when that kind of value meal still exists but hey, I wanted Johnny Cash still alive and kicking in 2000’s.


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