July 27

Feisty Grandma Filled Kroger Comment Card of Hilarious Complaints, Wins the Internet

Grandmas are often the biggest fans of their grandsons and granddaughters but this one right here seems to hold a lot of grudges about “Tyler.”

Tyler what did you to your grandma?


Feisty Grandma's Kroger Comment Card

Kroger Comment Card, Grandma

Finally, it’s a breath of fresh honesty right here.

Apparently, Tyler’s grandma who had a really strong midnight craving went to Kroger for a yogurt splattered of cranberries. We will definitely say that this is a good combination and yes, we know how it is when a midnight craving attacks. You won’t stop at anything until its satisfied big time!

Here we try to dissect what exactly happened and how a certain guy named Nathaniel should win the Employee of the Month:

“I was having one of those late night cravings, you know how it is. Anyways, I was craving yogurt covered cranberries and I just could not wait till the next day. I entered the store and was looking for them. I met a fine young man named, Nathaniel Hunter.

I asked him if he could direct me to the item I so desired this evening. Instead of merely pointing me in the direction he walked me over to the trail mix machines. He then helped me navigate those darn contraptions. He even put in the number so I could print out my barcode. I have trouble with all this new technology and it is nice to know that there are bright young people out there that will stop and help an old lady like me.

As I was leaving the store I could not help but wish my own grandson could be more like Nathaniel. I know that’s terrible of me to say as a grandmother. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Tyler to death but he is rude to me sometimes. Whenever I ask for computer help he just tells me to google it. His mother says it’s only a phase, I hope so. Perhaps, I’ll see Nathaniel again and I can ask him to be friends with Tyler so that he has a good influence.”


Feisty Grandma's Kroger Comment Card 2

Kroger was definitely in for the game that they framed and put the grandma’s yogurt adventure and become the Customer Comment of the Week.

Well, we hope kids of this generation would be an extra mile kinder to their grannies – or face the wrath of grandmas with dissatisfied midnight cravings!



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