July 15

8 ‘Strait’ Facts Die-Hard King George Fans Should Already Know


In Country Thang Daily’s celebration of King George and his reign as the Texas troubadour, we reckoned that it’s time to present some facts about the one and only George Strait and his greatness. These facts should have been fact-checked a long time ago by die-hard fans and we will be really disappointed if most of you did not know these things about him.

George Strait Facts

8. Basic fact, George Strait’s middle name is “Harvey”

George Strait on Texas State Musician of the Year 2017

Aside from naming his son as George Strait Jr, George Strait Sr. had announced way back 2012 that his grandson was a ‘III’ calling the grandson a nickname “Harvey” which was his middle name.

7. George Strait is a big fan of secret marriages; He eloped with his high school sweetheart

8 ‘Strait’ Facts Die-Hard King George Fans Should Already Know 1

No wonder he’s a crooner of romance, George Strait met Norma Voss in high school and their high school love story would melt everyone’s heart. The two wed in Mexico in 1971 of December 4th. 45 years later, George and Norma Strait are living examples that love, at first sight, is genuine.

6. George Strait jumpstarted some traditional country artists’ career

8 ‘Strait’ Facts Die-Hard King George Fans Should Already Know 2

A King has to make forge paths for other princes right? We can count Clint Black, Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson have all “Thanks” and praises to the one and only George Strait citing him as either influence or hands-on godfather to their career.

5. George Strait has a degree in Agriculture


In 1975, George Strait enrolled in Southwest Texas State University now Texas State and earned a degree in Agriculture. So don’t be so clueless if Strait could be damn convincing on ads about Tractor Supply because the King knows these stuff.

4. George Strait’s Bubba is a Songwriter

8 ‘Strait’ Facts Die-Hard King George Fans Should Already Know 3

It’s no longer a surprise that being a music genius runs in the genes and George Jr also known as Bubba is not only a carbon copy of George Strait physically but also a songwriter penning some of his dad’s songs like “Arkansas Dave” and “Living For the Night.”

3. George Strait’s mother left when he was young

I’m pretty sure that George and his mother sorted things out but Strait’s parents divorced when he was in 4th grade leaving him and his brother “Buddy,” with their father.

2. George Strait beat Rolling Stones for the largest indoor concert in the North

8 ‘Strait’ Facts Die-Hard King George Fans Should Already Know 4

King George is called King for a reason and this is one of them. He broke the Rolling Stone’s record for the largest indoor concert when 104, 793 fans supported the country icon in AT&T Stadium.

1. George Strait’s first-ever show is in his College Town Bar

8 ‘Strait’ Facts Die-Hard King George Fans Should Already Know 5

Wished we could have been there! San Marcos, Texas is a memorable George Strait experience. He found a flyer for a country band that needed a lead singer and voila, the King has been born.

Well, we love him even more.


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