A 14-year-old boy is being charged with murder after confessing to authorities that he shot his family in their home in Elkmont, Alabama.

14 year old

Limestone County police responding to the 911 call. Screengrab via Youtube

Police on Tuesday has stated that the teenage shooter is being held and is charged with five counts of murder after he reportedly confessed to shooting his family members in their home.

Victims of the shooting incident include John Sisk, the shooter’s father; Mary Sisks, his stepmother; his 6-year-old stepbrother, 5-year-old stepsister and his 6-month-old stepbrother; reports Stephen Young, spokesman of the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office, to the media in an official press interview.

14 year old

Mary Sisk. Image from Mountain Gap School

14 year old

John Sisk. Image via LinkedIn

A motive has yet to be established according to investigators.

Despite the suspect facing five juvenile counts for murder, Spokesperson Stephen Young says that the teenage suspect:

“Pending the adjudication process, could face adult charges of multiple counts of murder and/or capital murder.”

The 14-year-old Might Have Used a 9mm Gun

The alleged murder weapon, a handgun, was found by investigators around “the side of the road nearby where it had been tossed,” according to an official tweet from the sheriff’s office.

The office also reported that the suspect helped the police in locating the 9mm handgun which the suspect had discarded close to the scene.

Young also stated that the handgun was “illegally” inside the house without elaborating much on it.

14 year old

Limestone County police responding to the 911 call. Screengrab via Youtube

The shooting incident happened around 10:30 pm last Monday reports WAFF. The suspect had called 911 around that time telling responders that he was in the basement of their home when he heard gunshots upstairs.

The suspect repeated this story to authorities when they arrived at the scene at around 11 pm.

“He said that he ran out the door, and there was very little other information given,”

Young tells reporters then adds that the boy was taken in for questioning saying:

“. . . upon being confronted with some of the inconsistencies (in his story), he did admit to shooting the five family members.”

The town of Elkmont grieved for the family on Tuesday evening with Mayor Tracy Compton remarking:

“We pray as a community for healing in this unprecedented situation and know that together we will persevere and eventually overcome,”