July 23, 2018

‘Cause We’ve Got More Than 10,000 Reasons to Live

'Cause We've Got More Than 10,000 Reasons to Live 1
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When we worship

Sing like never before
O my soul
I’ll worship Your Holy name

Worship has a broad meaning that cannot be defined in just one sitting. Singing and dancing have become the most apparent expression of worship, especially during Christian services. But if we dig down deeper, we’ll see that the level of your faith also manifests in the sincerity of your body movements. As you use your voice and bodily-kinesthetic to vent your message to the Lord, the level of your devotion is also being displayed in the spiritual realm.

Worship, however, is not limited to just singing and dancing. It is most necessarily expressed through your attitude towards God’s words. Apostle Paul describes true worship as “presenting your bodies a living and holy sacrifice.” Worship involves sacrifice, we have to set aside our personal desires and submit to God’s plans in our lives.

But how will we know about His plans? That’s the core essence of worship. As we spend time meditating on the words of God, He talks to us in different ways, and we’ll just mysteriously yet confidently know that the voice is His. Regarding sacrifices, there are times when God asks us to give up something that we’ve been holding on to, and at times, He has to break our hearts so that we’ll truly understand the wonders of His perfect plan for us.

'Cause We've Got More Than 10,000 Reasons to Live 2
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10,000 and countless reasons to worship

You’re rich in love
And You’re slow to anger
Your name is great
And Your heart is kind
For all Your goodness
I will keep on singing

Following God is simple, but never easy. Believers around the world would agree that they’ve been through tides and rolls before they fully understand and savor the true meaning of God’s grace. You just have to hold tight on your faith no matter what happens and keep your eyes on Jesus. It’s true that apprehensions and doubts sometimes blitz us especially if we don’t see the fruits of our sacrifices, but that’s actually part of the refining process. After you survived all the turbulence, you’ll finally see the most amazing picture designed for your life. You’ll get to totally see 10,000 and more reasons to praise God forevermore.

For a soul-searching moment, here’s a song from Matt Redman titled, “10,000 Reasons.” God bless your day, fella.

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