October 11

The 100 Voices of Gospel Sing The Highest Form of Praise

The 100 Voices of Gospel

Hailing from multiple parts of the world, these group of talented people has banded together to dedicate their lives to worship the Lord. The 100 Voices of Gospel would also use their talents to spread the word of the Lord to our brothers and sisters.

The 100 Voices of Gospel’s claim to fame has a tagline that goes “The Most Fabulous Gospel Show in the World.” Their shows are often characterized by lively performances, together with the crowd dancing and singing praises to their beat of the resonating faith. The group is armed with some of the most talented gospel artists in the world.

They have won several awards, and their alumni list consists of stellar performers. They have also appeared in Britain’s Got Talent back in 2016 and have reached the finals. Currently, the 100 Voices of Gospel is on tour, and their albums have over 200,000 sold.


Hallelujah in Every Language

“There’s one universal word: Hallelujah, in every language”

…says one of the leaders of The 100 Voices of Gospel. Immediately, you can feel the vibe of the performance – its energies transcend a few bars into the song. The performers are lively; the instrumentalists are here to play. And, you can feel the energy in the room is dedicated to the Lord our God. It feels exhilarating just watching their performance. And when she sings her powerful message, you’ll immediately be pulled into it. And, you’re going to be glad you did.

Come, listen to their amazing performance here!

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