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10 Fun Facts About Rising Star Maren Morris & Why She’s Here to Stay

Maren Morris is a rising star in country music. After debuting in 2005, she has slowly developed and matured as an artist. Her pure talent and love for singing have drawn more and more fans everywhere. She has also received numerous nominations and awards and did stints on various TV shows.

While some of you are still not that familiar with who Maren Morris is, we decided to give you some fun facts about this young and talented singer.

10. She is currently dating a fellow country singer

Maren Morris and country singer Ryan Hurd are happy and currently in the honeymoon phase of their relationship. They are also currently on tour, and this means they have a relationship that’s rooted in something they both love—music.

9. Maren Morris is 26 years old

She is, indeed, still young. But maybe not as young as you thought she was. Since she debuted in 2005, she has probably gained a lot of experiences to shape her into the beautiful and talented artist that she is right now.

8. She was once among the amateur hopefuls for American Idol and The Voice.

Believe it or not, Morris also tried to be part of two of America’s most iconic and gigantic singing contests on TV. Sadly and shockingly, she didn’t make the cut. Now, several contestants perform her hit song, My Church, during their auditions on the popular programs.

 7. Aside from being a talented singer, Morris is also an established songwriter.

This amazing artist has penned numerous beautiful songs for big-shot artists like  Kelly Clarkson and Tim McGraw. If you listen closely to her songs, you will find that her lyrics hold so much depth and emotion that you’ll simply be amazed at how she was able to string words together and transform it into something quite magical.

6. My Church was a self-released work by Morris herself

Maren does not only possess such a captivating singing and songwriting talent; she has also been working on her craft as an independent artist. She released My Church on her own on Spotify in 2015. It served as her breakout hit after it gained over 2.5 million streams during the first month after its release. Not long after, she finally landed a record deal with Columbia Nashville Records.

5. Maren has open doors for all genres

Morris was born and raised in Texas, and country is her primary genre. She was also inspired by country legends Sheryl Crow and Dixie Chicks. However, she expressed her appreciation for other music genres through showing support and love for pop artists like Chaka Khan and Britney Spears’ songwriter, Max Martin.

4. She has bagged so many awards for her musical gift

Before Grammys, Morris has already gained massive recognition for her incredible talent and contributions in music. In 2016, she was awarded the Breakthrough Star Award at the Billboard Women in Music. Aside from that, she was also the recipient for CMA’s New Artist of the Year Award and is currently lined up to receive Music Biz’ Breakthrough Artist Award for 2017.

3. Maren’s fame and musical influence is continuously rising

Last year, Morris had the excellent opportunity of touring alongside Keith Urban. This year, she is prepped to join country singer Sam Hunt on his tour for 15 In A 30 album. The bigger exposure for Morris will only mean wider recognition for the budding country superstar.

 2. Morris is no Trump supporter

You bet that she isn’t! In fact, the singer conveyed how she felt about the election. She said that it was very alarming how so many women were fans of the then GOP-nominee.

1. She is an artist that fights for equality

In the past, Maren Morris has voiced out her ideas and opinions on the dreadful stereotypes that most female artists are always struggling with. In July, the fierce songstress gave Billboard readers a clear reminder about female singers. She bravely lectured naysayers that female artists have a lot more to talk about than just love and relationships.

We hope you enjoyed this list. Are you as ecstatic as we are for the future that Maren Morris’ career holds? If so, we hope you stick around for more future updates about this beautiful country musician.


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