March 15

10 Before Stardom Clips Showcasing Country Stars’ Boundless Talents Part I

Before, stardom videos of your favorite artists are fun to watch for a few reasons. It is almost just like looking back at your old photographs and laughing for some weird stuff. Don’t get me wrong. That is not our goal here. We want you to see some of our country music artists in their formative years, so you can paint a bigger picture of the artists we now know as icons. Here are the first five of our Top 10 videos to share.

Garth Brooks

The video below shows Garth Brooks covering George Strait on local television in his home state of Oklahoma. This was before he reshaped the charts and reinvented the arena rock stage show for country audiences. Our man, Garth Brooks, his band, and his pretty sweet mustache undeniably offered a glimpse at his undeniable talent here.

Shania Twain

In the ’90s, Shania Twain already looked and sounded like a star, setting for a record success. A decade prior this, she fought for a place in the limelight as a very young, Canadian-based singer. Initially named as Eileen Twain, the future superstar first wowed audiences as a pre-teen.

Jason Isbell

Long before the Grammys came calling, Jason Isbell drummed up grassroots support for 2007 album Sirens of the Ditch at such spots as Atlanta record and comic book store Criminal Records. Don’t ever question why success came slowly for Isbell. He sure had his time.

Tim McGraw

He is one of the ultimate figures of ’90s country. But, did you know what he went through to get there? Tim McGraw hung around Nashville, searching for a break just like his peers. In this clip, he covers some of Barbara’s songs while looking the “hat act” part.

Kacey Musgraves

This Kacey Musgraves’ clip shows how she sounded and performed like a star long before she caught a break. Fame for her, came a few more years after this clip was shot. She sings “Halfway to Memphis,” a song she co-wrote with Rick Lambert, Miranda’s dad.

Did you make it to our fifth clip? Stay tuned for the last five we prepared for you. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.


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